J. Timothy Griffin

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer

J. Timothy “Tim” Griffin is Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, serving in this role since December 2018. Tim leads several functions within Amtrak, including Planning and Strategy; Pricing and Revenue Management; Advertising; Loyalty; Distribution; and Product Development and Customer Experience and Care. Tim also leads Amtrak’s three business lines, including the Northeast Corridor, State Supported and Long Distance.

Since joining Amtrak in October 2017, Tim had served as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer. His current role has been expanded to include the business lines.

With more than 40 years of marketing experience in transportation and travel-related industries, Tim’s areas of expertise include revenue maximization, strategic planning and budget control. He most recently managed a private investment company, consulting in the travel, transportation and distribution industries.

For nearly three decades, Tim held marketing positions at Continental and Northwest Airlines, rising to Executive Vice President of Marketing at Northwest Airlines in 1999. In that role, he was responsible for $10 billion in passenger revenue production and oversaw a $750 million budget. Tim also directed Client Services at Brierley and Partners, where he led loyalty marketing for Hilton, Neiman Marcus and United Airlines. He began his transportation career in 1977 with American Airlines, where he led post-deregulation route and pricing strategies.

Tim graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor of arts in Geography. He earned a master of arts in Geography from the University of Washington, where he also completed post-master’s work in transportation, decision making and economics. Tim has served on the boards of Orbitz, Pinnacle Airlines and American Leprosy Missions.